Range: Timber Sash Windows


We have been manufacturing timber sash windows throughout our history, and have for a long time been known as ‘The Home of Sash Windows’. We use a wide variety of different timbers, resulting in over 10 variations in our collection, including bespoke designs and the ability to match with existing. We have ‘slimline’ versions of our windows which still incorporate double glazed units (filled with Krypton gas) and are the slimmest on the market, replicating single glazed windows of the past. These have been used for conservation work in many areas of the country.

Many of our timber sash windows have been certified with the British Standards Institute for Window Energy Ratings under the Kitemark license, achieving ‘A’ ratings when using the very impressive Accoya modified wood.

Our timber sash windows are pre-finished using spray applied microporous paints in any colour, or a choice of over 70 different stain combinations, to suit any building or architecture.

Classic 300

Lead Weight Operated Sash Windows

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Traditional 300 Sash Windows

Lead Weight Operated Sash Windows (single glazed).

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Standard Mock Sash Windows

Casement window to give the appearance of Sash Windows.

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Superior Mock Sash Windows

Sash windows sections, but casement window operation.

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Straight Slider Sash Windows

Spring Balance operated sash window.

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Slide & Tilt Sash Windows

Sash window with the ability to tilt inwards for cleaning.

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Vari-Vent Sash Windows

A hybrid window designed by us, appearing like a sash window, but operating as a cross between a sash window and a casement window

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