Bi-Folding Doors

We manufacture timber bi-folding doors to any configuration and any size. Our timber doors are pre-finished using spray applied microporous paints in any colour, or a choice of over 70 different stain combinations, to suit any building or architecture.

Over recent years we’ve witnessed a steady increase in demand over the more traditional French or sliding patio doors. Hardly surprising, as bifolds are very stylish and when fully ajar offer approximately 90 percent clear opening for easy access.

Having invested considerable time and effort perfecting the optimum gearing system for our new range, we’re confident that they meet the high standards of performance and versatility our customers have grown to expect from Glyngary. Choose from a variety of timbers which can incorporate DGU’s or veneered door panels (internal use only), or indeed can be RAL colour matched to customers requirements.

As well as exterior folding doors, we offer an internal version with veneered panels. These are ideal to separate living areas such as a living room from a dining room or commercially, to divide up conference rooms in a hotel.

If you’re looking to set yourself apart from the competition, Glyngary’s exclusive designs and superb quality will go a long way to helping you achieve this.

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  • DGU's

    The Energy Efficient DGU’s are made with the following products:

    4mm Low Iron glass (external)
    4mm Low E glass (internal)
    16mm ‘warm edge’ spacer bar
    MATCHING integral duplex bar positioned behind the surface mounted astragal bars to give the appearance of separate DGU’s
    Argon filled DGU’s

  • Draught Proofing

    Fully draught proofed using compressible seals.

  • Hardware

    Locking is available in many varieties of multipoint locking, including ‘handle-less’ options. We use a very high quality Bi-folding hardware system, which can be hung from the head for smooth ‘weightless’ operation, or can also have a system where the gearing runs on the cill (if the structure in which they are being fitted cannot take the weight to the head).


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What some of our customers have said

The craftsmenship of the windows supplied by glyngary were second to none, finish was absolutely impeccable.
I was quite nervous about switching to a new supplier as my livelihood relies on the quality they produce.
I can quite happily say it was the best move i ever did, they make my job so much easier with the fine quality of products they produce.

Thanks again J. Holingworth – Hollingsworth Windows and Doors Ltd

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