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Glyngary recognises the importance of environmental considerations in operating the business. As a responsible organisation, we seek to follow, in all areas of our activities, policies that recognise this. It is considered that with best practices observed, wood and timber materials are the ultimate sustainable and recyclable products, requiring low energy consumption to process and being thermally efficient in use.

Where possible, Glyngary will purchase timber materials from suppliers who provide independently certified timber as coming from well-managed forests by organisations such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). The suppliers that we use have implemented and maintains third party
audited chain of custody systems in accordance with the FSC and PEFC standards to ensure that this material is not mixed with products of unknown origin.


Sapele is a large tree, up to 45 m high and native to tropical Africa. It is a very stable timber and is one of our most commonly requested for. We purchase this timber through various timber merchants throughout the UK.

Factory pre-finishing of this product, using spray applied, microporous coatings can be either to an Opaque or Translucent finish. The Opaque finish consists of two basecoats (Primer) and a Topcoat of the desired colour. The Translucent finish is achieved by applying a Basecoat & two topcoats of a chosen stain (ie: teak, oak, walnut, mahogany, etc)


Accoya is a timber exclusively produced by Accsys Technologies, and only available through a small selection of timber merchants. The timber is Radiata Pine, which is then treated with a non- toxic ‘acid’. It is proving itself to be a very popular choice of late with people wishing to purchase ‘the most durable and stable’ timber, and along with its Energy Efficient properties, is making it very popular.


We purchase only Swedish ‘unsorted’ redwood, this being the best grade available. This timber is from the ‘Scots Pine’ variety of tree. We also specify ‘Upper Gulf / Northern European’ which means that the tree grows in the cooler climate resulting in the growth rings of the tree being much closer together, meaning a more stable piece of timber. This timber is also purchased from various timber merchants throughout the UK.

Factory pre-finishing of this product, using spray applied, microporous coatings can be either an opaque or translucent finish.


This tree grows in places such as Equatorial Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, southern Nigeria.
Idigbo is very similar to Sapele in characteristics and statistical values, but the appearance is greatly different due to the colour which is a ‘mellow’ yellow. This timber is not advisable for Opaque finishes as its natural polyphenols cause the timber to ‘leech’ and can in turn make opaque finishes appear dirty if it breaks through the coating. We therefore only offer it with Translucent orders where the leeching actually adds to the natural beauty of the timber beneath the chosen stain. Many people choose to use this as it can be treated to a very similar appearance as Oak (albeit, the grain configuration is different)
Factory pre-finishing of this product, using spray applied, microporous coatings is produced to a Translucent finish. The Translucent finish is achieved by applying a Basecoat & Topcoat of a chosen stain (ie: teak, oak, walnut, mahogany, clear, etc).


The Oak tree needs no introduction. Classed by many as the ‘King of Timbers’, it also attracts one of the most expensive prices! We have favoured the use of European Oak over American Oak in recent years as the American lumber market tend to kiln their timber to a lower moisture content as it is predominantly used for internal applications within their market. For this reason, we do not like to use it for external work, as the timber would be more susceptible to moisture ingress, and so greater natural movement could occur. The European Oak that we purchase is again from various timber merchants within the UK.


REHAU PVCu window systems boast major benefits from both an environmental and practical point of view. Our PVCu systems have excellent thermal properties and can achieve high levels in energy efficiency. With an expected life of in excess of 35 years and the capability of recycling all PVCu parts at the end of their service, REHAU windows play a significant part in delivering a reliable and sustainable future. REHAU PVCu windows are very low maintenance, containing a unique compound resulting in a smooth gloss finish – guaranteeing that they will retain their pristine appearance. It also means that they will never warp, rot or need re-painting.


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